BSA Goldstar Cams

ABSAF make a wide range of cams, traditional 65-2442/46 standard BSA Gold Star cams, Vernier adjustable cams and special racing cams which are used in the racing Goldies of many international champions. We make our cams using CNC machines.

How to choose your ideal cam:

• You own a standard Gold Star and simply want to replace the cams: our standard cams are made to original specifications but with better materials to last a lifetime.

• You own a standard Gold Star, but you'd like to get more performance out of your engine: try the Vernier adjustable cams, our most popular cams, to enable you to fine-tune your engine.

• You either want to stun the Suzukis at the traffic lights or you have a racing Gold Star: we have special racing cams which give maximum lift in a minimum of time to give the engine the fuel it needs when it needs it and then start on the next stage of the induction - compression - combustion - exhaust cycle as quickly as possible.

• For top of the range racing performance we have exclusive ABSAF cam profiles which allow up to 8000rpm without conflicting with valve operation.

• If you are not sure which cam will suit you best then ASK, we're usually friendly and helpful, send us an email or give us a ring.

Extra information:

• ABSAF tappets are made to original specs, which is to say that they are light weight hollow tappets, not the solid tappets that one sometimes finds.

• The timing gear plate is located by a dowel, which gives a lot more support to the cam spindles.