Trademark notice

All company, badge and type names as well as all trademarks are in possession of it's rightful owners. This covers especially BSA, Matchless and Velocette trademarks.

We only use them to allow customers to select and assign suitable replica parts from our product range.


Parts will be shipped only after full payment is received. Shipping at the expense and risk of the customer.

Liability and usage

Please bear in mind that our products are made strictly for racing and that usage on the street might be illegal in some countries.

We manufacture our parts and products according to highest standards and with highest possible precision. However, as usage is intended for racing and as we do not know how you fit and use parts and products we cannot accept any liability for property damage or personal injury - even if such damage or injury is the direct result of failure of our parts or products.

These terms and conditions of our business are considered as being accepted by our customers upon purchase.

If you are not fully satisfied with the quality or precision of our parts and products please contact us at